E- Learning Course on Environment : Sustainable Consumption and Production

ACC Project

Islamic Relief globally is a leader in promoting Climate Change adaptation and was the main force behind Islamic Declaration on Climate Change signed in Turkey in 2015, by 33 Islamic nations. Further, keeping its commitment to UN framework on Climate Change, Islamic Relief globally is implementing many projects on Climate Change adaptation and sustainable environment. In India, Islamic Relief is implementing a unique project- Action on Climate Change and Consumption (ACC) to promote sustainable consumption and production.

As a part of the project, there is a special focus to promote community perspective and behaviour on sustainable consumption and production through the teachings of Islamic faith, several initiatives have been undertaken through engagement with religious scholars as well.

ACC is a multi-country project which is being implemented in 7 countries including India.
The project aims to focus on enhancing the capacity of community leaders, youth and homemakers as they represent the largest global consumer group. Therefore, it is important to promote responsible utilisation of resources and influence the consumption and production patterns leading to a sustainable lifestyle.

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