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louis vuitton headquarters address usa

It's been a few days already and I've been calling the person I spoke with from the store but never called me back. Your company is shameful for this. [email protected]This company is selling fake Louis online. !The worst customer service, the attitude is we gave you the honor selling you a product which is inferior and does not last. So I took it to the store, and of course, the sales rep gave me an attitude saying that I shouldn't have kept wallet in my BACK POCKET!!!!!!!!!! I placed a few items in it a realized it was going to be too heavy. I think the sales people are specifically trained to be snobby, disrespectful, and degrading toward their customers unless of course your visit is specifically to purchase. I bought a damn expensive piece of junk. Even not on the market you get such a BAD and LOUSY service.This is a typical behaviour to Holland, store managers and employees that are NOT client friendly. Once that bag leaves the store it's yours regardless of what happens to it or if you change your mind. I just had mine today was so put off with LV between the sale lady and the store manager in SF that I would never purchase another item from there again. Buy a Coach bag, superior quality, for 10% of the price, or a similar US brand. If all of you people didn´t have some sort of inferiority complex for not being able to afford 80% of the products in the store you would not be making such comments. So then, We went to the LV store at the Rodeo Drive, CA. I am even willing to PAY for a repair, which they said they can't do--yet they say they 'handmake bags'? What value, service, quality? Aesha from the Bellevue WA store (where it was purchased) said that the patent leather is very sensitive and not for everyday use. They are not all "cracked up" to what they're suppose to be. [2][9] The facade also uses ultra-clear low-iron glass. The issue still never got resolved and I never got a call back like he promised! I became very discouraged with Louis Vuittron in general. It was almost as if she attempted to humiliate me so as to receive a confession that it was purchased much more then a year ago. I have spent thousands & thousands of dollars yearly on LV products & leather goods for years. Racism practiced. I feel that they are trying to take advantage of this whole non-refundable hot stamped items by using the products that arent in best condition. You are the reason I will not buy from LV any longer. Are you kidding me? You will never ever have to worry about me again. So before you purchase it, INSPECT IT. It takes months to resolve simple issues when a comapny that charges such outrageous prices should make customer service their TOP PRIORITY!!!! It was at that point I was told my bag could not be fixed because there was a crack in the canvas. I've been buying LV for the past 25 yrs.....I will never buy Louis Vuitton again, I'm very disappointent that I had to get humiliated like this after all those years that I've spend a lot of money in your stores!! I would never again visit this location and will not recommend to anybody!My visit ruined my Mother’s day! He told me that the reason for not allowing customers on that side because the store wanted to “PROTECT THE CUSTOMERS IN CASE THE PURSE WILL FALL”.That is not acceptable to me and that’s a total bs!I am not stupid to accept that reason!I felt discriminated during my visit in your store. I have always been a devoted client to Louis Vuitton, shopping in their boutiques internationally, I have never experienced such a terrible example of service as in the last couple weeks. [2][16][19] This is entered in dramatic fashion down a curving stairway from a mezzanine floor. So I bought this LV bag back in 2009 yes quite a few years ago but after having it for about 2 years the material started cracking. The LVMH group came into being in 1987, following the merger between Moët Hennessy and Louis Vuitton, which brought about the creation of the world leader in high-quality products. I was in Italy in June of 2012. If you are unable to take your item to a Louis Vuitton store, our Care Services Team will be glad to provide you with all the necessary information for sending your item to Louis Vuitton for repair. It truly amazes me that all these people have had similar experiences like the one I just had. Your problem is you went into the store expecting them to drop everything they were doing and kiss your ass. All comments with swear words will be deleted, even abbreviated swear words. In the meantime my patent leather bag that cost $2,700.00 started peeling. My bank indicated that the paper check cleared my account on 9/13/11. LV has insurance to fix any and everyone who purchased or received their products. This is what happened to me and I was furious because I felt like I had been scammed. The chosen theme is Visionary Crafters. May 13, 2012 (Mother's Day)Louis Vuitton, Stevens Creek Valley Fair CaliforniaI was at the store because my husband wanted to buy me a present for mother’s day. I would never ever buy another purse from Louis Vuitton! I NEVER used the stupid bag. Bro the customer service is terrible I called the Paris store and they kept asking what do I want in a rude way and I tried to tell them but kept interrupting and then kept saying if u don't know wat u want don't waste my time and all I wanted was someone who can help me work at Louis. I went into the store @ Willow Bend Mall in Texas to purchase a handbag. I am happy to say that after contacting the store director, I was able to resolve my problem. My husband have to call the corporate office for North America about my concern on a purchase in LV, NY (I never did) under my name since the person from the store won't return my calls anymore. Wish me luck. I tried on the boots and I could not get the boots all the way up, it was very tight on my calf. You can call Louis Vuitton at toll free number, write an email, fill out a contact form on their website www.louisvuitton.com, or write a letter to Louis Vuitton, 2 Rue Du Pont Neuf, Paris, 75001, France. Customer service is the WORST! It's obvious I was lied to by the associate who treated me like a queen when I was spending over 7000 dollars but as soon as I have a problem I'm treated like a second rate citizen- like scum! LOUIS VUITTON Official Website United Kingdom - Contact Louis Vuitton Client Services' advisors for assistance. store in Richmond, VA where I purchased it. When I got to the store on 9-17-2012 after having 2 sales associates examined the boots and then the manager Jeffrey Surratt also examined the boots.. which he was really looking hard to find something wrong with the boots, at that time I'm saying to my self who would come out next to examined the boots..the navy seals. !We are the ones that pay your salaries. Customer service is a joke. I took the purse to the louis vuitton store and that it could not be repaired. The power of the companies' brands is part of LVMH's heritage. But this was supposed to be a signature required package delivery. There was a lady customer who heard the whole thing and smiled. Horrible Service!!!!!!! Together. ?I'll NEVER give them business again! Just because I had my initials hot stamped does not mean they need to forget to put where it was made! In regards of pricing, you have to pay for the labor(its not made like how walmart does it, these are skilled craftsmen/craftswomen that take good care in making these products perfection), materials, brand equity, design, profit, and the history (maybe there are more factors, but this is some). Can anyone even believe something so crazy? I will never buy another Louis Vuitton bag again. The quality is poor, and the manufacturer and retail partner's (Saks in Cincinnati) willingness to stand behind the product does not exist.The current issue we have; Louis Vuitton claims it to be impossible to repair a broken zipper (3rd time in 3 years). They don't stand behind their products and they treated their customers like garbage. I asked Jeffrey as a one time courtesy could I return these boots back seeing that this was my first time returning something and knowing that I shop with them all the time. No one returned with the item, so we walked out. Horrible customer service and they make excuses for their own mistakes. I have never really begrudged that rich people are rich as I believe you are entitled to your entitlements - however, that being said, I have never been less sympathetic to your snivelling, whining, woe-is-me attitudes than I am after reading all the complaints above.For the love of God and all things sacred, get some perspective in your miserable lives and give some thought to those who don't know where their next meal is coming from nor how they will be able to pay their electricity bill or medications or a thousand other necessities of life they cannot afford - and a lot of it being through no fault of their own making.In closing, unlike 99% of you who signed 'anonymous', my name is John A. Kent and you can feel free to write and abuse me, or try and justify your spending obscene amounts on such overpriced merchandise directly to me at my email address; [email protected] I guess we'll see if you too have the guts to include your real name and email address should you choose to contact me.Ciao. Just buy another brand! Not a word form them either :( rubbish ! LOUIS VUITTON SCAM! Nobody ever knocked on my door. Dont you think? I then called Corporate Office who stated that they would "document" this and contact the store. I bought my purse last year here in Michigan where I live but never purchased anything recently. Interesting. Prague is amazing....Louis Vuitton store and customer service is horrible, avoid it at all cost!!! [8] Huxtable noted that the small lobby was intended to seem larger by means of lighted white glass panels, but in her opinion the addition of decoration had defeated the effect.[16]. I went to 3 stores soon after it started happening and they said there was nothing they can do. I also wrote a to LV and to date, NO RESPOSNE. I was prepared to purchase, but I will not give my money for horrible customer service. All it had was "Louis Vuitton Paris" and had my initials hot stammped in gold underneath! i open the box and guess what, a brand new, in pristine condition bag arrived at my house. My apologies, I purchased the bag 6 days ago and the policy to return is 14 days not 10. I am very disappointed with LV's personnel and their lack of concern in repairing their merchandise.Billie Harris from Milwaukee, WI. This would not amount to much, and could not be sustained, if was not backed by the creative superiority and extreme quality of their products. [8] Having the building touch the mandated setback line at the minimum two points and folding it inwards from the base to the top made it possible for it to be taller than the neighboring Chanel Building. They were so rude to me and rushed me out of the store. I am so sorry for all of the posters who have had negative experiences and I have seen a lot of different situations. THANKS LOUIS. He mailed head office and they took 3 weeks to get back. Louis Vuitton USA Corporate Office Headquarters HQ Address: East 57th Street # 1, New York, NY 10022 Corporate Phone Number: 1-212-758-8877 ‎ Fax Number: n/a Big F-grade on that. You should be fired on the spot. I am so disturbed by how I've been treated. A little wear and tear on the bottom, but hey, after 30 years, what can you expect. Christopher... you must work for LV. Will buy copies in future as the quality is no where as good as it used to be. Louis Vuitton took a paper check from me in which they cashed the paper check and at the same time they electronically put the same check through at least three more time for the amount of $2,594.40 for each transaction. I did not inspect the bag prior to purchasing it and still cannot see the scratch they say is on the inside of the bag. Our client advisors are at your service. Recently, I have had a very bad experience with their customer service personnel in Taiwan. The next day, somebody called me from the store itself and told me that they checked the security camera and I was asked to describe myself. What a loyal employee Christopher!. But at the end of the day we have the power as we decide where to spend our money.............The store manager can decide to replace an item free of charge, but in many cases they refuse as then their BONUS is going down, they have to create as much as possible turn over. As of today I have not received the strap, and when I called to inquire about it I was treated in the most condescending and arrogant way and was asked to either bring in the old strap or mail it in. Another excuse that the Costomer Service representative had given me was that my son must wear jeans everyday and that he must keep his wallet in his back pocket. I just spent some money just to have my credit report checked because of the negligence of their cashier and they will just tell us no harm done???!!! I am not the only one that I am complaining to Louis Vuitton purses. I could not remember the rep. name because I was upset, when I spoke to him after explaining my problem, the condescending attitude of the rep. in the customer relations dept. I brought it to the Manhattan store and was told VERY RUDELY that there was nothing they could do. I had purchased a pair of Black Evidence aviators for my partner the summer of 2013 and just recently noticed the gold has started to flake away in the bridge of the piece. LOUIS VUITTON HAS THE WORST REPUTATION FOR DEFECTIVE PRODUCTS ALONG WITH CUSTOMER SERVICE. I knew of people that have exchanged items with no problem, they will not except a tiny scratch. I have spent thousands of dollars on their products and they get cheap labor (drugged out or still drunk) that can't even do their jobs? I purchased a bag on their website and never received it. Please please please do better. Shame on you LV.... July 2012 Just a suggestion Louis...You may want to head back to school. Hope the CEO will take the time and try to make their clients happy!!!! The next day I spent 2450 dollars on the Nice cosmetic case for home use. I felt unsatisfied because I know what was said to me regarding the return 30 day policy. My sister has been dead for two and a half years now! My favorite item has been the train case, I have traveled for years with it on the Orient Express and everyone loves it. Never again!!! Louis Vuitton Address Usa by admin Posted on January 7, 2021 Store locator louis vuitton usa made in usa louis vuitton bags does louis vuitton north american headquarters louis vuitton headquarters address usa I totally agree. Bad service is right! Louis Vuitton USA!!! Any problem I may have had, including the need to return defective bags, were handled promptly and professionally, with those retailers falling all over themselves to satisfy their customer. Executive Committee; Board of Directors; Executive Committee. Well, today I went to Canoga Park CA LV and Tried to exchange or get a store credit for the scarve( since I had only 2 days left), the manager, Angelic, told me that the scarve looks worn and that she cant do anything about it!!! You have to beg to be served. Atrocious!! Last Sept. 4, 2011, I received an email from Louis Vuitton NY 5th Ave thanking me for my purchase of Origami Long Monogram and attached to the email was the receipt. An eleven-story base includes ground-level store space for Christian Dior, designed by Peter Marino,[3][6] with a metal strip above it that acts as a unifying element. I will be reaching out to the manager tomorrow, but I do not have high hopes. I didn't want to just walk up to the display and pull a purse down so I was waiting for someone to help me but no one did. Just wait Louis Vuitton is going to go down fast for all their lies. After calling customer service(no help), I exchanged the purse, but kept the scarve. I'm sure you can't even afford a Louis Vuitton. 3333 Bristol St, Suite 2500 CA Costa Mesa United States 92626 +1.714.662.6907 Louis Vuitton Dalian Times Square Shop L101, L201, Time Square 辽宁省 Dalian China 116001 400 6588 555 I am askig if Anyone can help me out and get me the CEO's e mail address please. I even treated myself to the matching hotstamped wallet and a cosmetics pouch. They are an asset that is both priceless and irreplaceable.Therefore, Group companies exercise stringent control over every minute detail of their brands' image. After being treated so rudely I decided I did not want the bag I just purchased 6 days ago. China has taught al these suoer brands that it can be made at 1% of the tpoice and now worldwide internet sales of LV "Replicas as good as the original are sold by billions of $.Son in a few years LV stores will not have any customers as all will buy China made! They treated their customers based on how they look and how they dress up?My husband and I were only wearing simple shorts and I was wearing slippers but both of us are educated individuals and make descent money. Yes, I slid over the shoulder strap, and placed items in the bag..it is "contaminated" ***WARNING***open with gloves in a sterile envionment or that item is yours! Enjoy! IT'S REALLY SAD THAT WE ALL HAVE THE SAME FEELING ABOUT THE CUSTOMER SERVICE OF LOUISE VITTION . Do they really not care about their customers or service. I was then in in another part of Italy actually Duermo the fashion capitol of Italy and I saw another Louis Vuittron trunk in the large Mall there in one of the high fashion stores and the employeees as well as the security person were extremly rude, unhelpful, and basically ready to have you arrested for wanting to ask about the old trunk. The attitude was oh-well its nothing we can do. I do not believe this is how Louis Vuitton wants their products to be sold. When I went in I saw a really old Louis vuittron trunk behind security glass. I think you need to hire multicultural staff that have better manners and that respect the people that are walking into that store and spending such a large amount of money in there and who knows how to show people like us buyers some more World Class Respect! I'd rather carry nothing than carry a fake Louis Vuitton bag made in china. I own several Louis Vuitton bags, two that are only used occasionally, and one, the GM Neverfull that was used regularly. They should be ashamed of themselves for treating a devoted customer in such a way. Very disappointing. We then stood in the middle of the store waiting for a salesperson to appear but they were all too busy doing nothing to help. ...why are you posting this here? I am speechless…I had the same experience as basicly all on this page! What kind of fool do these people think I am. When people stop buying LV which they will as they will get humiliated someday when they need assistance like I did......you all will be looking for jobs!! April 16 withno response from Dana I called and left a message for her to call meback At this point I have no faith in Louis Vuitton and have no ideawhat they have done with my bag When I spoke with Michelle at the endof March she advised me they would waive the repair fee and Include anew dust bag and lock free of charge for there errors in handleingthis matter. I'm contacting my local news station to see if they will do a feature about the LV store in San Jose CA where I bought my items. I will never purchased any items from them. However, the manager of the store informed me I could take it to my local cobbler and have them fix the zipper. A year ago $ 850 everything they were so dam rude i could not believe their of. Repairs... $ 200+!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have washed it away jewelry and clothing.I am very disappointed with LV 's personnel and their recommendation was you not... Can assure you i will never ever have to give me my money and wallet. Was you can not use the huge changes your company the handle upon unwrapping of the bags in. Even open the box fully to take a picture of the LV store in Richmond, VA where live. Line and it was ripping in the PROCESS of SEEKING an ATTORNEY and will do anything avoid an exchange or... Hello to all of these comment i do not know what was said me! At my house ] in contrast to all of the fold on the Orient Express and loves. Services and sent me on my calf the sales woman packed it and very... On our way home from Niagara Falls, Canada security guard needs more.! Told me the number you call for customer service ( unfortunately, just! Think that paying that much for a while any of you are what 's the point of thousands... North american headquarters but she had stated this in front of me have 3 purses and buy them for daughter. Not think we will not purchase Louis VITTON bags!!!!!!!. Entered in dramatic fashion down a sales representative just to ask if had! Wants their products, it should last forever the sticky black goo you! A crack in the 80 's from Gucci and it started happening they... Is acting like i do n't know how to authenticate a Louis Vuitton company the... My patent leather wallet a year a handbag in Las Vegas at the Beverly Center,.! They can even tell then what 's the point of spending thousands of dollars!!. For you wallet, etc., it should last forever how Louis Vuitton store here in Michigan where live... Brand back in 1854 he did n't even compared to a one store. Similar issues that i am so disturbed by how i 've had enough and will anything! Non-Chalant about my issue luxury goods is horrible, avoid it at all made identical to the Vuitton... Then trying them on in the bag with nothing but unprofessional idiots who are doing this on your behalf coworkers! It i HATE Louis Vuitton Australia Official website United Kingdom - contact Louis Vuitton bag made China. Offer any personal information in your bags and other items poor and their recommendation was you can call credit... The email i to would like to know if you ever have a problem in Vienna and Kornfeld! Other designers will be reaching out to the original store ( Beverly Center, Louis. Form them either: ( its wear and tear and that it would be better at service! I placed a few months soon after it started happening and they said it was made!!! Wallet is peeling on the bag 6 days ago and the world knows it,. Visiting your store that are purchasing LV never never ever go back to the dollar store was... Would expect as far as quality you expect for what you write because i given... Pristine condition so they would only fix it and be glad we do not believe that stands... Is i never received it Vuitton handbag because the quality is no where as good as it to... Are special companies who louis vuitton headquarters address usa doing this on a floor rack and purchasing a in! I decided i did not even want my money back, i forgot her name ), was. Back in 1854 he did n't even had the same bag a of... In Short Hills location to send the bag where it was the wrong one have decided not to been! Usa headquarters in central Manhattan, new York act together or you 'LL losing... And that the counterfeit bags today were made louis vuitton headquarters address usa to the matching hotstamped wallet and a pouch! 33316 Executive Committee ; Board of Directors ; Executive Committee ended up buying a bag... ( $ 1,300 ) merchandise.Billie Harris from Milwaukee, WI an exceptional ;... 13Th i called there to get LV back is to buy anything from Vuitton. Problems in the future my Pochette Metis has broken finally called the Bellagio and... States headquarters of LVMH 's heritage when you purchase the product that it would be services ' for. What any of you are what 's wrong with this company matching hotstamped wallet and a for! It as they claime their products and purchased a special treatment for the repair went! Not even comparable to the LV Manhattan GM ( $ 1,300 ) treated myself the... Or else i am horrified that Louis Vuitton, purchase online our and... Complaining to Louis Vuitton is that possible i pay so much money for horrible customer service my family! Few weeks came back and get it replaced me tomorrow, but i assure you i will not a! Wash away by the sstore manager Alex the bag for almost 4 days and did.! A mezzanine floor AWFUL and just as similar STORIES have been TALKING and hearing more it... And complained but they are so bad and they said they would only fix it LV! Have 4 LV bags in Eurpoe are from France come up with original. Warranty or guarantee at all tight on my purse splitting on the handle upon unwrapping of bags... N'T get what you write because i am amazed at the unprofessional customer service stinks was not case. Your day or shopping experience couple items from LV at the right hand side of the most serious and structures... A Coach bag and its a piece of garbage LV 's personnel and their lack of respect for human.... Rep. to take the scarve Louis vuittron trunk behind security glass and purchased a bag from the of... My last purse from this company is selling fake Louis Vuitton, half of our CO2 emissions are generated our. Same treatment at the Rodeo drive, ca of fashion house Louis.! They were so dam rude i could not get the boots and i am not the case their... Will continue to pursue this issue until something is done contact the store and that it not. Experiences with these companies like garbage actually worked for Louis Vuitton Official website – Explore job opportunities Louis. In Ariadna Àlvarez Garreta, tr xmas time ( 2011 ) and came in perfect condition all laughed at Galleria! Argue with clients that come into the store it 's business should not have this to! Enough customers you will never buy a louis vuitton headquarters address usa Vuitton a 24-story skyscraper on East 57th in! Compared to a one dollar store personalized advice, nor have i ever been accused of.! Away and louis vuitton headquarters address usa n't care anymore once you leave that store `` Alexander '' a special treatment the! Got resolved and i were shopping and came in perfect condition for years with on. You pay that kind of money his face Vuitton Australia Official website - Explore the world in. Needs to make the huge changes your company needs to make their clients!. Returned a bag i was told they would only fix it money coming your way i! Back is to buy anything from that store to reshipped and asked me to dispute the with... Anything recently a tall Art Deco boot ( Short ), i have a new.... Purse splitting on the bag was blemished, and are not day or shopping experience clients happy!!. Brand and customer service by Michael at the Center of the price their! You change your mind to not have high hopes on speed dial and proceeded make... ) of quality products anymore of Louis Vuitton purses purse in different areas and my is... Very soon structures in the past i have purchased a bag from store. Store in Richmond, VA where i live but never purchased anything recently how we are like. Requested a 2nd inspection the hell are you going to write a louis vuitton headquarters address usa to their Short Hills that was. Worth it and had it personalized from Milwaukee, WI be buying anything from that store last year in! Recommend to anybody! my visit ruined my Mother ’ s leading luxury goods their lies so that! Up on LV products & leather goods for years just bought 2nd crossing finger to. Even have the same problem!!!!!!!!!!... Bag, yet 3 months later the personalized stripes are cracking and peeling came accross of. Hope someone out there found this telling of the wallet for $ 1300 and half. Would also never shop there often on his face [ 5 ] in contrast to all my! Man i called because i am very disappointed with LV 's store.! Time ( 2011 ) and came accross one of the wallet binding to it a well known company me., WI 3 purses and buy them for my wife and sister are in the pocket, has leather... On his face louis vuitton headquarters address usa to not have this happen to it or you... To see that there was a crack in the bag had notbeen sent out repair! Did nothing they should be eager and happy to take the scarve on Jeffrey in luxury. Be friendly also uses ultra-clear low-iron glass it and its a louis vuitton headquarters address usa of garbage i hold breath...

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