E- Learning Course on Environment : Sustainable Consumption and Production

Course Description

About Course

The online course aims to enhance the understanding and awareness on Environment – Sustainable Consumption and Production to contribute towards attainment of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The course will focus on capacitating youth, scholars and faith leaders on larger issues of climate change, its impact and the need for protecting the Environment. The idea is to motivate the participants to adopt sustainable practices such as reducing wastage of food, water and waste generation. Further, it is expected that the participants will act as an ambassador of change by adopting sustainable lifestyles and widely disseminating the learning of the course.

Course Methodology

The course work has been designed to create a classroom learning environment in an online format. The participants will be able to engage fully with the programme content via online modules. The course requires a strong commitment from the participants and they are expected to devote 2 hours to complete the course. After registration, participants can complete the course within 30 days.

The course will be offered in English and Urdu

Course Objective

1. To develop conceptual understandings of Environment, Impact of Climate Change, Sustainable Consumption and Production for promoting green behavior and actions.

2. To build knowledge of participants on the use of Islamic faith teachings for generating awareness and promote sustainable behavior and lifestyle in harmony with the Environment.

Who can Join?

This course is designed for every concerned citizen who is interested in protecting Environment and addressing Climate Change. The course would be useful for practitioners, community leaders, volunteers, faith leaders and religious scholars and program person/ staff working with a civil society organisations.

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