E- Learning Course on Environment : Sustainable Consumption and Production

Structure of the course

1. Basic Course: Environment Sustainable and Production

This is basic foundation course of 2 hours covering the basic conceptual understanding of Environment including major causes of environmental degradation, climate change and its impact on human life, sustainable consumption and production in the context of Sustainable development Goals (SDGs), Sustainable Behaviors and Lifestyles and its impact on Environment, Mechanisms for promoting behavioral changes (e,g Green Procurement), Success stories from the community.

2. Special Modules on Islam and Environment

The module aims to equips participants who are keen to understand Islamic perspective on Environment, Sustainable and Production (SCP) and enable them to use Islamic teachings to generate awareness and influence community practices around sustainable consumption The Module will be useful for religious scholars and students from seminary to further develop an insights on Islamic perspectives on Environment and Climate Change


After completing all modules of the course, participants will get an Online Certificate

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